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Comment posted Best Beginner Kundalini Yoga Exercises – by PowerLocke994.


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  1. cyril410 says:

    @GururamKaur then put your videos!!

  2. rafrokid79 says:

    Hello thank you for your videos they are very helpful, I am having some trouble with my flexibility but am fit and healthy, if I do my asanas using breath of fire would it accelerate my flexibility? Thanks for your support

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  4. ChineseGAM says:

    Adorable meditation teacher, Very Handsome .

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  6. formyvision says:

    @GururamKaur, Gururam kundalini yoga A.K.A kriya yoga was first taught in the west by Sri Paramhansa Yogananda in early 1920s. Sri Yoga Bhajan also taught similar style.

  7. formyvision says:

    @GururamKaur, Gurunam I think kundalini yoga A.K.A kriya yoga was first taught in the west by Sri Paramhansa Yogananda in early 1920s. Sri Yoga Bhajan also taught similar style.

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  9. Jimlead says:

    Does kundalini need fast biorythms or does it work with slow ones ?

  10. @AnmolMehtaCom Interesting when i see teachers suggesting, even mildly, that there is only one way to do something in a land of infinite perspective. madness.

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  13. @GururamKaur If he practicies it differently then that’s fine. You don’t have to be a douche.

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  16. im interested in all of these yoga. but im very interested in the eagle pose. can we hold that position for as long as we want, and hold it for say 45 minutes. would that be beneficiary? if so how? I’d appreciate your feedback. namaste

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  19. Mryairey says:

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  20. redenchilada says:

    Just to be clear, the breath of fire is just short rapid in and out breaths?

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  24. @GururamKaur

    Wonderful to have input from such an accomplished teacher. God bless you for teaching yoga and helping others.

    Perhaps there is a misunderstanding here. There is no break to be taken in Morning Wakeup Series. The exercises follow each other, so BOF is done throughout the set.

    For Beginners or those new to yoga: Please do modify the set as per your capacity and take a break as required.


  25. GururamKaur says:

    Having been teaching Kundalini Yoga for 14 years, I have never seen a set from Yogi Bhajan which instructs continuing BoF between asanas. Also, the BoF pace only varies between 2 and 3 breaths per second. More than that and the job is not getting done. It is too swift and shallow. BoF is not to do with your “level and power of breath”.
    It really depends upon whether you are presenting Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, or your own version.

  26. Ok, now I got it..thanks for explaining the difference between Breath of Fire & Kapalbhati – very subtle!…Now I’m wondering: is there a specific breathing exercise like those 2 where the emphasis is put on the *inhalation* only, allowing the the exhalation to be passive?

  27. gtilapias says:

    Does anybody nows how long and how often to practice it?

  28. gtilapias says:

    Thank very much for sharing. From now on i will practice this.

  29. toveromo says:

    what is the difference between hyperventilating and th breath of fire?

  30. TvMeditation says:

    Very nice and helpful exercise i practice it myself.
    If anyone want to hear about my meditation and kundalini experience visit my channel.

  31. Thanks for the video, it put the practice in perspective and helped me to correct a couple things I didn’t understand.

  32. The way You Sir, have taught the most important breathing exercise is very very good. Its equally useful for all the practitioners (beginner, Med, Advance)
    Thanks Sir,

  33. N0gas says:

    i dont understand why 10 ppl would actually give this video a thumbs down.
    its hard enough trying to find FREE thorough videos on the internet.

    thank u! :)

  34. Bellamyj04 says:

    thank you, Namaste

  35. zerrah says:

    Old soul in a young body! You’re quite handsome. ;)

  36. zerrah says:

    Namaste! :D

  37. GONZOFAM7 says:


  38. yousef6d says:

    @uralskaya but if you dont breath you die

  39. “the cells begin to dance.” wonderfully dramatic sentiment.

  40. ERIC052778 says:

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  41. Endymion766 says:

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  42. you’re doing a great job, thanks

  43. uralskaya says:

    no, you have to concentrate, it is not good to breath while you are driving.

  44. TheJoumann says:

    nice video i like it really

  45. TheJoumann says:

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  46. 111redthread says:

    thank you so much for this, and the rest of your videos. These methods were once secret knowledge, but this platform is perfect for spreading beneficial information so everyone may live up!

  47. malenkas3 says:

    @MrGodssonsatan Yep, it’s from influx of more than normal ammount of oxygen

  48. ariana29x says:

    its just hyperventilation . im not surprised you feel weird

  49. JESODIST says:

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